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December 1 open the ski facilities

December 1 open the ski facilities

The snow that had fallen in recent days had made us hope. But the ValdiZoldo Funvie company has decided to delay the opening of the slopes for a week: mark the date on the calendars: the first of December opens!

A weighed and somewhat painful choice, taken after careful assessment of both the conditions of the slopes and the weather forecast for the next few days. The work of our teams has been nothing short of perfect, but as usual for ValdiZoldo the safety and pleasure of a good skiing come first.

That's why it was decided to postpone the opening for a week: the desire is to introduce themselves to the fans with a snow cover pulled to perfection, able to bring positive emotions to our loyal mountain lovers.
In this week that is missing at the opening we will continue to work on the snowpack, hoping for favorable weather conditions.

An opening of a season that is full of appointments: starting from December 22nd, as in tradition, night skiing will start and every weekend, until March, animations will be guaranteed on the slopes and in huts and shelters, for adults and old.

We are waiting for you!